Most Expensive Big Motor Bike in the World
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Most Expensive Big Motor Bike in the World

Most Expensive Big Motor Bike in the World

Harley Davidson has for long been the gold standard of superbikes, but the landscape has greatly altered. We have focused on some of the best two-wheeler beasts that are available on the market today. While we were researching, we came across a plethora of two-wheelers that can easily cost a bomb, but this article contains information on finest metal monsters on the market that will leave you enthralled by the sheer weight of its numbers.

Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter

We are not kidding when we say that we are astounded at the astronomical figures. The Fighter is priced at 11 million dollars; by far the most expensive motorcycle on the planet. Neiman Marcus has played the market perfectly; they started off by pricing the motorcycle at $110,000. But they decided to add a couple of zeros at the end to gain massive ground on the market. The singular reason for the rise of the Fighter to have such astronomical figures is due to the exquisite design of the chassis.

The clockwork design has floored the industry, and you might wonder what is so special about the design, well the entire chassis was built using one piece of metal. More and more organisations across industries are taking up a similar design as well. The Fighter has a clockwork design, and from first glance, it can be seen as a beautiful mix of history and automotive evolution. The company even came out and said that they have taken the best parts of history and innovated it to fit the times to provide the best performance available.

Experts believe that their presentation and the overall outlook of the bike is the reason why they were propelled to such heights. Neiman Marcus has played this perfectly, they have released only 45 Limited Edition Fighters to the market. They have managed to maintain the aura and demand for the beast and that in itself has given the Fighter an added layer of depth. The bike is quintessentially a sci-fi extravaganza, and the best part is that it is legal to drive these anywhere. The bike will easily give you speeds of about 190 mph; the Limited edition fighter is powered by a 45-degree air-cooled V-twin engine.

We are sure you must have expected a list containing the most expensive big motorcycles on the planet, but we felt that there was no need to go over rest of the list with the Neiman Marcus Limited Edition Fighter being the undisputed king.

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