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Why do we Rarely see Motorcycles in Western Countries

Why do we Rarely see Motorcycles in Western Countries

The question can only be answered indirectly. So the question should be why motorcycles are so popular in the east or rather in developing nations. Here in this article, we will look at some of the major reasons why bikes are so abundant in developing nations.

1. Cost

The tax incurred on four-wheelers is a lot higher than on motorcycles. And in western countries, it is quite easy to get quality second-hand cars, and even first-hand cars are quite affordable. But the same is not the case in developing nations and for a middle-class family; a bike in most instances serves the purpose of a four-wheeler. Western countries also have quality rental services where you can rent the car for a period of time at an affordable rate. In developing countries, it is a lot cheaper to buy a car than have a rental if you are going to be using it for a considerable period of time.

2. Traffic

The population in developing countries is a lot more than the western countries, and this leads to a lot more people having to commute from one place to another. With the public transport system being overused, it makes sense to have a vehicle, but the flipside is that a car often gets stuck in traffic more than a motorcycle. And adding to this there are a number of shorter routes that are not accessible by car making the motorcycle a much better choice.

3. Economic

More than the cost of the car, the worrisome aspect is the cost of fuel. And in countries besides western countries, the mileage that a vehicle gives becomes a very important aspect. Motorcycles are known to give a lot more mileage compared to four-wheeler thus making the motorcycle a lot more economically stable than the four-wheeler. Western countries don’t have to worry about fuel rates as much as rest of the world due to their superior filtration units. Since mileage doesn’t play such a contributing factor; people in the west can afford to go for the much more comfortable option.

4. Awareness

The west is a lot more aware of the risks of using a motorcycle when compared to the developing world. As such they go for the safer option when picking out a vehicle. If more awareness was created about the perils of riding a motorcycle, sure enough, the sales of bikes will considerably decrease in the developing world.

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